Agreement To Provide Title

Used Vehicles When a dealer sells you a used car, it must provide you with many of the same documents necessary to purchase a new car, with some exceptions and supplements: ` Purchase order or sales bill: As for a new car, a used purchase contract or a sales invoice is the basic sales contract between the buyer and the seller. The seller must provide you with a copy of the contract completed and signed at the time of purchase, so that you can register your vehicle and request a license plate. Here too, make sure that the contract reflects the terms you have negotiated with the seller and that you receive all oral commitments in writing before signing. Financing contract or retail contract: as with new cars, used cars are often financed by the car dealership. If so, Georgian law requires that the financing agreement be written into a retail contract. The seller must provide the buyer with a full copy of this document at the time of signing the buyer`s contract. Odometer Mileage Disclosure Form: As with new car purchases, the seller must provide a written mileage declaration when buying or selling a used vehicle. This requirement also applies to individual sellers and dealers. The dealer must then provide the buyer with the original or a copy of the driver of the used vehicle at the time of the sale. The guide contains important information and communications to the buyer, including whether the vehicle is being sold “as such” or with a warranty; The percentage of repair costs paid by a merchant as part of the warranty; caution that promises made are difficult to keep (and to obtain all promises in writing); a recommendation to maintain the “Buyers Guide” as a post-sale reference; A list of the main mechanical and electrical systems on the vehicle, including some of the main issues that the buyer should pay attention to; and a recommendation that the buyer require the car to be controlled by an independent mechanic before purchasing the vehicle. On the back of the buyer`s manual are the name and address of the dealer and the appropriate person of the dealer to contact if the buyer has any problems or complaints after the sale. If you buy a used car and the sales discussions and negotiations are conducted in Spanish, the dealer must show you and keep a Spanish-speaking version of the Buyers Guide when you buy it. Certificate of title: Here too, the certificate of title of a vehicle determines the legal ownership.

If you buy a used car already titled on behalf of another person, the existing title is very important because the seller must transfer the legal ownership of the vehicle to you by transferring the property to your name. The back of the property certificate has space to enter the property transfer, which must be completed by the current owner (the seller) before providing it to you (to the buyer). The seller must give you the title at the time of delivery of the vehicle and you must immediately apply for a new title on your behalf at the borough council unit in the county where you will register the used car.