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Technical improvement courses are offered for some others. If your subject is not related to the subject you have chosen, it is recommended that you take a Knowledge Extension Course (SKE) before the start of the training. Please note that the scientific equivalence test must be in combined science. All equivalency tests must be taken before September 1, 2019.• QTS Skills Test in Literacy and Numeracy must be taken before September 1, 2019, otherwise you cannot start the program• We expect you to have taken at least the courses in high schools before your job interview What experience do I need? It is recommended that applicants have approximately 10 days of experience in a high school. Having a little experience in a school is an advantage as it supports you throughout the recruitment process. If you don`t have academic experience, this shouldn`t stop you from applying, but would be a condition for any offer. Perhaps we can tell you the possibilities of our alliance. You may also be eligible for a loan while you study – note that you must apply for student funding. • The joy of your discipline and the ability to pass this on to young people in order to generate interest in teaching and foster learning• ability to reflect and assess your students` learning• Adaptability and ability to work under pressure• Strong interpersonal and team skills• Good presence, punctuality and professionalism• Good English in words and writing• Past experience working with children and young people• Familiarisati To come to us through School Direct, candidates should apply through UCAS. For more information on direct school and application, see the following links: UCAS Teacher training: How in-service teacher training works Secondary school courses here have three elements: technical studies, general vocational studies and school training. It is different from other universities in that it is very specialized. As an educational institution, Valentines High School places quality professional development at the heart of its work.

Valentines, one of the top 100 teaching schools, is an `outstanding` school that leads an alliance of successful, welcoming and highly successful schools in East London, all of which have considerable experience in developing the skills of future teachers in a number of teacher education programmes.