Music and Sound Design for Batman: The Last Laugh – JUST RELEASED!!!

Matthew Cox worked along side ENSO Stunt Team and Gotham City FX on a new Batman Fan Film, “BATMAN The Last Laugh”. He composed original music for the short film, assisted with sound design, and worked on location audio. The music for the Fan Film was composed with a combination of Midi Soft Synths and Live Instruments. A majority of the samples came from the East West Collection and was recorded, edited and mixed using Logic Pro and Pro Tools. Location audio was recorded using a Tascam Field Recorder and several AKG Microphones. The whole project was filmed over the course of 3 days and we had the privilege of shooting in the New York section of Universal Studios, Orlando.


BATMAN The Last Laugh is a high intensity, action packed fan film that was created in the partnership of ENSO Productions and Gotham City FX. See how The Joker and Batman go head to head in this fan film like no other. Check out to visit the production/ stunt team that put it all together and to see all the props that made this project come to life.