Audio Engineer

Matthew has worked in Live Sound Reinforcement [Front of House and Monitor Engineer]. He has worked for some of the following companies Universal Studios Orlando, House of Blues Orlando, House of Blues Myrtle Beach, Walt Disney Entertainment Music Department, The Wildhorse Saloon Nashville, Pocket Productions, and Rhino Staging. He is proficient on Digital Consoles [Yamaha: PM5D, M7CL, LS9, and Avid: Profile] and Analog Consoles: [Midas, Yamaha, Crest, Allen & Heath, and Soundcraft] and wireless Mics and In-Ear Monitors [Sennheiser and Shure].

Artists Worked With (Live Sound):

Sean Kingston (Monitors), Flo Rida (Monitors), DJ Khaled (Monitors), Plumb (Monitors), Tim Timmons (Monitors),J.C. Andersen (FOH and Monitors), Sierra Hull (FOH and Monitors), The Gerry Williams Band (FOH), The Leonard Brothers (FOH and Monitors), Orange Avenue (FOH and Monitors), Shifty Eyed Dog (FOH and Monitors), The Herb Williams Band (FOH and Monitors), Rocket 88’s (Monitors)


He has also worked in Studio Production [Tracking and Mixing Engineer]. Working primarily in Pro Tools and Logic Pro, he has Tracked, Mixed, and Mastered, numerous projects for producers and independent artists. He has worked with sound design for film, ADR, Voice-Over, dialogue and SFX editing, and sound mixing for picture.

Artists and Producers Worked With (Studio Sound):

Mark Trail [MT Music, Nashville] (Tracking, Mixing, Mastering), Gerry Williams [GW-1 Productions] (Tracking, Mixing, Mastering), John Brazile (Tracking), Joey Page (Tracking and Mixing), C-Note – Curious (Mixing), Cut Throat Logic ft. KRSONE – Hip Hop Today and Forever (Tracking), J.C. Andersen – Norstar Records (Tracking, Mixing, Mastering), Cure for Caska (Tracking, Mixing, Mastering), Radio Free (Tracking, Mixing), Never the Hero (Tracking, Mixing, Mastering), Orange Avenue – Lovelamp Records, LLC (Tracking), Adam’s Road (Tracking), Tom Lanze (Tracking), Mark Christian (Tracking and Mixing), Tony Ozier (Mastering), Set To Stun (Mastering), Through You (Tracking), Unfinished (Tracking), Christina Montgomery (Tracking and Mixing), D-Nasty (Mixing), Salerah (Mixing), ENSO Productions (Tracking and Mixing)

Short Film Experience (Studio Sound):

Just Another Day [2014] (Sound Operator, Sound Mixing), The Weak Link [2013] (Film Score Composer), The Retriever [2012] (Film Score Composer), Flesh & Blood [2012] (Voice-Over Tracking, Dialogue Editing), Overcoming Challenges [2012] (Voice-Over Tracking, Dialogue Editing), Willing and Abele [2011] (Film Score Composer, Dialogue Editing, Sound Mixing), Batman Fan Film: The Last Laugh [2011] (Film Score Composer), Riding The Rails [2010] (Film Score Composer, Sound Design/Sound Mixing)