Film Score: 2 Scores In A Week

This week has been quite the busy week. I guess there is always time to sleep/rest after I’m dead. I completed two film scores this week, both with the same deadline of June 30th. I felt like I was back in College after having to pull several all-nighters to finish up my Film Score for the International Film Music Competition and the Action Film Challenge.

For the International Film Music Competition, I had to use Finale (Music Notion Software Program), which I have not used since college, to Orchestrate the piece. Everything was entered and uploaded by 9:05 A.M. this morning to meet the deadline. Now off to shoot a music video. The first International Film Music Competition will take place during the 8th Zurich Film Festival (September 20–30, 2012). The event is presented by the Zurich Film Festival and the Tonhalle Orchestra in collaboration with Forum Filmmusik.