Action Film Challenge Entry “Willing and Abele” wins 8 Awards

Matthew Cox worked along side ENSO Productions (Orlando, FL) on a short film “Willing and Abele” for the 2011 Action Film Challenge. He composed original music for the short film and assisted with sound design and ADR. All the music was written and mixed within a 48 hour period in order to make the entry deadline for the film festival. It was worth all the hard work, because the film took home 8 awards at the 2011 Action Film Challenge including BEST Overall Film. To see the short film, check out the Media Section of my website.


“Willing & Abele” tells the story of two guys who are partners in crime, literally. Both of them are tired of running errands for the mob boss that calls all the shots in the city, so they make a plan to do one last job to pay off the boss and get out of town. Unfortunately for them the boss has already made other arrangements and now Will and Abele have to fight their way out of the city. Make sure to check out the full film that is packed with action, comedy and beautiful cinematography.