Open Mic Night Practice

On Friday I get to play at the Hard Rock Live in Orlando with my band Cure for Caska. Thanks to my friends in the band “Bob’s Newsstand” for the opportunity, it’s going to be an awesome show. We played a few open Mic nights this week at “Tom and Jerry’s” and “Austin’s Coffee Shop” in preparation for the show on the 19th. The all acoustic sets were a fun way to experiment with different arrangements of our songs. Who knows we may do an Acoustic EP in the future.


Cure for Caska is a Rock Band based in Orlando, that features strings (Violin, Cello, and Stand Up Bass). They incorporate melodic string arrangements into their material, which ranges from Acoustic Ballads to Edgy guitar driven rock songs. Their latest album “Wait and Hope” is available on iTunes. You can check out some of their material in the Media Section.