Las Vegas (Blue Martini)

After a 6 hour car drive from San Diego, we made it to Las Vegas in time to un-load our gear for the show Wednesday night. We meet Tom Sartori, also from Orlando, who played at the Blue Martini the same time we were there.

Check out his song “One More Wiskey” []. 

It’s amazing that you can travel from the East Coast all the way to Las Vegas, and still happen to meet people from where you live. Small World… The time change was a little hard to get used to, because of playing until 3:30am (6:30am EST), but it was worth it. The staff and everyone at the Blue Martini has been a pleasure to work with, maybe we will get a chance to hang out next time we are in town. Thanks for everything. I hope we get a chance to play in Las Vegas again in the near future.


Project DJ Slam is a group that is on the cutting edge of interactive entertainment. The group features a live DJ (DJ Scotty B) and 2 live drummers that perform a diverse setlist of live music remixes, often including segments with live instruments.