San Diego (IBM)

Flew in to San Diego today and got situated at the hotel. I love this weather, it’s a nice change from the weather we were having in Florida with a 110 degree heat index. Anyway, I am playing with Project DJ Slam and we are performing for the IBM Smarter Commerce Global Summit. We just found out that we are being extended for another day. So, we will be playing a total of two days for the conference, and then leaving straight for Las Vegas. Tomorrow the Dance Group “iLuminate”, from America’s Got Talent, will be performing in the morning. Looking forward to that.

I love the view from my hotel room, we are right on the harbor.


Project DJ Slam is a group that is on the cutting edge of interactive entertainment. The group features a live DJ (DJ Scotty B) and 2 live drummers that perform a diverse setlist of live music remixes, often including segments with live instruments.